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Hi I'm Emily - currently a third year Three-Dimensional Design Student at Manchester School of Art. I describe myself as a Mixed-Media Craft Maker - in my work I focus on the texture and colour of my materials. Because I am largely metal driven (pewter, brass, silver), I like to challenge these material characteristics with Formica, acrylic, embroidery thread, paper or whatever material I fancy!

       I also tend to add a technological element to my design process. I strive for clean, neat lines with graphic shapes as a part of my aesthetic, and employing CAM techniques, particularly laser cutting and engraving, allows for this. 

work experience

Ella McIntosh - Manchester Craft and Design Centre (2019) 

Ella really opened my eyes to what a wonderful material pewter is to work with. I visited her studio every so often in my third year, and we worked on processes like soldering, bowl raising, and casting together. 


Wentworth Pewter (2019)

I worked with Richard and his team at Wentworth's in Sheffield to brush up on my professional pewtering skills for my third year. I spent my time there centrifugal casting and learning about mould making, soldering and spinning. 

Franklyns Jewellers and Goldsmiths (2015 - 2017)

I owe so much of my interest into metal work and jewellery design to Franklyns. They took me on for a week of work experience when I was 15, and then employed me as a Saturday girl until I left for uni at 19. I learnt so much with them: CAD, working with silver, using professional jewellers equipment, finishing and polishing, laser soldering and so much more. 


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